No. 1 New Arrivals to the Empire and an Introduction (1/7/21)

Well, here we are, a few days into this project and I am trying not to be overwhelmed by the volume of Jellycat there are. Some days seem to be better for uploading lots of posts. Yesterday was not one of them. I did manage to add a bunch of pages for different collections and add to lists of different Jellycats, rather half-heartedly.

Today, we got some new members to the Jellycat Empire, and a couple who are staying before they move on to their forever homes.

L to R: Huxtable Hedgehog, Bashful Lion, Strawberry Bunny and Snow Dragon.

The Jellycat Empire is ever-growing, so here are the new arrivals.

We were so excited to get Huxtable Hedgehog, who stole my heart on Poshmark. I was told I don’t need more Jellycats, but he is a pillow and pillows are useful. I have so many justifications for getting more Jellycats, but hey! I don’t feel unhappy about this.

Large Bashful Lion is unsure if he wants to stay here, but he’s jet-lagged and says he will sleep on it for a few days. My pride of lions hopes that he is going to stay.

I managed to snag a Strawberry of indeterminable size off of eBay and immediately thought of my friend, who loves this shade of bun. I am happy to report that Large Bashful Strawberry is going sent to @jellycat_smileeykyliiee and is excited to meet the other Strawberry buns in her new family.

Little Snow Dragon made their journey from the UK and Maison White and can’t wait to meet their mom. I have to say, I love all the dragons and I was so happy to see that they made the Little size of the Snow Dragon. It is gorgeous, and so lush!

The more I type, the more I realize that this is a major procrastination method to ignore the fact that I have a bunch of Jellycat info to type into notes before copying and pasting it into the new posts. So off I go, to boil water for tea to continue my work.

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