No. 2 More New Arrivals and a Screeching Halt (1/12/21)

So much for a great start to the project! On Thursday night, my computer screen got an owie. Due to our lockdown, we can’t bring in products for service, even with an appointment. 😬 After some finagling, I managed to get to the step where Apple sends you a box, and the computer goes in for repair. Whoopee! So, for at least a week and a half, I am computer-less. There will be much less posting since I reply on a lot of open windows to do these posts for the database. I can’t even describe how bummed I am.

On the bright side, I have managed to get some things done, like helping cook, and laundry. Maybe I’ll spend this week actually organizing things so I can put my Jellycats out in a nicer way. 😂 Really unlikely, but these are goals.

But on to the new arrivals! I got one Jellycat yesterday and today a flood of packages arrived with Jellycats.

Meet Medium Fuddlewuddle Elephant in Grey, Wumper Elephant, another Large Bashful Lion and a replacement Beau Blossom Bunny. Yesterday’s arrival was Loppy Oatmeal Bunny.

Left to Right: Loppy Oatmeal Bunny, Beau Blossom Bunny, Fuddlewuddle Elephant, Wumper Elephant and Bashful Lion.

Loppy Oatmeal was a FB Marketplace find. They need a good brush, but I love the design. I enjoy holding them like a rabbit—plus is I don’t get kicked!

Fuddlewuddle Elephant was an exciting eBay find. They are from Toronto, Canada and I was thrilled to find them. Somehow I have missed the grey ones before and ever since I went on a mission to get every Fuddlewuddle, it’s good to tick another off the list.

Wumper Elephant came off of Mercari. I don’t have any Wumpers—sold the last one so this was my only one. I’m rather partial to elephants and this one is a doll. I may need to look into getting more.

I got the Bashful Lion because I was unsure about the one I got earlier this week. The sizing wasn’t clear and this one was confirmed large. Welp, now I have two. I’m not sure if both will stay still. Either way, I have a complete set of this design: Small, Medium, Large and Huge.

And then there is Beau Blossom Bunny. This was a hassle. Originally bought for a friend, the store I bought it from sent me a plain beau instead. I got them to search and send me the right one and I returned the other one. But, being the careful person I am, I bought a second Beau Blossom as soon as I saw the mistake in case the store was actually out of the Blossom. Now I can send the original to the friend and the spare is here. I didn’t want to be caught out without one. Better safe than sorry right?

Here’s to at least a week and a half with no computer! I’ll post more Jellycats when I get it back. The app is not friendly to this.

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