No. 5 Giving the Public What They Asked For: A Way to Pay Me?! (1/23/21)

It has come to my attention that a bunch people have asked me if they can support me in this project. It feels strange, but as a full-time student in uni, I am not about to turn down anything! So I created a couple different ways: you can give me a one time payment, or a monthly payment. BunBun and all the bunnies are asking for lots of attention while I do these pages, and the best way to keep them occupied is feeding them carrots.

You can feed them carrots, and I’ll work! You can also choose what you want to pay in there. Thank you so much! If you want me to do research on a specific Jellycat, you can pay me for that too. Pop me a message on my Instagram, @jellycatadventures or on Facebook, Jellycat Adventures and we can discuss what that might entail.

I can’t begin to explain how touched I feel that you want to support this! Thank you so much!

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