No. 7 A New Adventure with Kylie (2/15/21)

I am so excited to be starting this new adventure with my best friend, Kylie. Follow her on her instagram @jellycat_smileeykyliiee for to see her collection!

Both of us have a bunch of Jellycats and not enough space so we decided to start our own Instagram to sell from our collections together. Since we keep buying new ones, we are constantly updating our collections and going through them. Both of us are tight on space, and this seemed the best way to go, instead of doing a purge post every week, which neither of us has time to do.

Follow us @jellycatresaleus on Instagram or email us for help finding ISOs at We are super excited to start on this new adventure.

On a side note, updating this database is still on the back burner while uni is in full swing, but I haven’t forgotten it.

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