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Smart Stationary Pencil

Smart Stationery Pencil – Medium
Animal (Category on Jellycat Site)N/A
Soft Toy (Category on Jellycat Site)Amuseable Objects
Amuseables (Category on Jellycat Site)Amuseable Objects
Style No.Small – SMST6PEN
Medium – SMST2PEN
Release DateSmall – Main 2021
Medium / One Size – Main Addition/Midyear 2020
Retire Date2022
Creature TypePencil
Collection/RangeAmuseables, Smart Stationary

Smart Stationery Pencil is a classic companion and a merry mascot for any exam! Gorgeously golden, with a suedey pink eraser, bobbly black feet and a cordy nib, this smiley sketcher is full of HB hugs!

It was first released as “One Size” in the Main Addition 2020 release and was changed to “Medium” in the 2021 Main Addition once the smaller size was released.

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