Frogs and Toads

This is a compilation of all the different frogs Jellycat has created, listed alphabetically. Any designs that do not fall into any particular collection will show up here.

Bashful Frog – 2017

Bashful Frog

Bashful Woodland Babe Frog

Boppity Boing Frog

Bunglie Frog

Chimboo Frog

Cordy Roy Frog

Dozy Dou Frog

Felipe Frog Prince

Fernando Frog

Fergus Frog

Flumplie Frog

Frederick Frog

Fuddlewuddle Frog

Geek Frog

Little Frog

Merryday Frog

Nippit Frog

Pelhamby Frog

Ricky Rain Frog

Riverside Rambler Frog

Scrumpty Frog

Squiggle Frog

Starry-Eyed Frog

Tad Tree Frog

Toby Toad

Wild Thing Frog