Jellycat Adventures Musings

I’d like to have a space to speak about different arrivals I have and other things so I am going to link posts to this page. Ta-da!

No. 1 New Arrivals to the Empire and an Introduction (1/7/21)

No. 2 More New Arrivals and a Screeching Halt (1/8/21)

No. 3 Messy Organization, Photoshoots and a Fixed Computer (1/15/21)

No. 4 Update on Posts, Re-do of Catalogue Page and Questions for the Readers (1/19/21)

No. 5 Giving the Public What They Asked For: A Way to Pay Me?! (1/23/21)

No. 6 Updated Catalogue Page – They are Searchable! (2/4/21)

No. 7 A New Adventure with Kylie (2/15/21)

No. 8 A Long Pause and a Slow Return (12/2/21)

No. 9 A Fuddlewuddle Explanation (8/6/2022)