No. 9 A Fuddlewuddle Explanation (8/6/2022)

I was recently asked what the difference is in Fuddlewuddle sizing, so I figured I would deliver an explanation and a history on Fuddlewuddles!

Fuddlewuddles were first introduced in 2012 in the Main Collection. It only consisted of Fuddlewuddle Kitty and Puppy in medium. The mouse appeared in the Main Addition later that year.

By 2013, they had added 3 more designs to the line and small versions in the Main Collection. The 2013 Main Addition cover featured Fuddlewuddle Lion, which was recently reposted to the newly created official Jellycat Instagram account.

From the Jellycat Instagram (8/1/2022)

Large and huge sizes were introduced in the Main Addition in 2013 that some of most iconic Fuddlewuddle creature designs that are still best sellers today, including the lion and elephant.

Fuddlewuddle Lion Range

The Fuddlewuddle range has four main sizes: Huge (17 in or 43 cm), Large (12 in or 31 cm) , Medium (9 in or 23) and Small (6 in or 15 cm).

In 2018 in the Main Addition, the Baby or Tiny size (5 in or 12 cm) was introduced for some of the designs.*

Jellycat has produced some exclusive Fuddlewuddles, like the Bonpoint Tabby Cat (Medium) and the World of Finse Puppy, which is about 7 in or 16.5 cm.

Any other questions about Fuddlewuddles or just want to share your love for them? Send me a message or make a comment!

*This is information I have from the catalogues. I am working under the impression they are different sizes and I will work to confirm whether that is the case.

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