Amuseables Blog

No. 10 Amuseables! (11/1/2022)

Amuseables are some of the most popular Jellycats out today. I’m going to be honest, I really wasn’t sure if I was going to get any of them. They were adorable, but I didn’t think they fit in with my collection: I only had creatures and I was trying to keep with a theme. I was wrong. Now I have nearly 100 Amuseables and over 50 non-animal designs that fall into the Amuseable category on the Jellycat website.

In the 2018 Main Collection, Jellycat released the first Amuseable designs. They consisted of a Cherry, Watermelon (now sized as Large), Pineapple (now sized as Large), Mushroom, and Cactus. By the 2018 Mid-year Collection, the Cloud (now sized as Large), Avocado (now sized as Large) and Yucca joined the line up as well as bag charms and zip pouch variations of the original five designs.

Jellycat Amuseable Cactus, Mushroom, Pineapple, Watermelon, & Cherry.

Four years later, the Amuseables range has gotten bigger, with recent designs including plants and stationary materials. With smiling faces, or not so happy, as is the case of some of the boiled eggs, these designs are highly popular among collectors.



No. 9 A Fuddlewuddle Explanation (8/6/2022)

I was recently asked what the difference is in Fuddlewuddle sizing, so I figured I would deliver an explanation and a history on Fuddlewuddles!

Fuddlewuddles were first introduced in 2012 in the Main Collection. It only consisted of Fuddlewuddle Kitty and Puppy in medium. The mouse appeared in the Main Addition later that year.

By 2013, they had added 3 more designs to the line and small versions in the Main Collection. The 2013 Main Addition cover featured Fuddlewuddle Lion, which was recently reposted to the newly created official Jellycat Instagram account.

From the Jellycat Instagram (8/1/2022)

Large and huge sizes were introduced in the Main Addition in 2013 that some of most iconic Fuddlewuddle creature designs that are still best sellers today, including the lion and elephant.

Fuddlewuddle Lion Range

The Fuddlewuddle range has four main sizes: Huge (17 in or 43 cm), Large (12 in or 31 cm) , Medium (9 in or 23) and Small (6 in or 15 cm).

In 2018 in the Main Addition, the Baby or Tiny size (5 in or 12 cm) was introduced for some of the designs.*

Jellycat has produced some exclusive Fuddlewuddles, like the Bonpoint Tabby Cat (Medium) and the World of Finse Puppy, which is about 7 in or 16.5 cm.

Any other questions about Fuddlewuddles or just want to share your love for them? Send me a message or make a comment!

*This is information I have from the catalogues. I am working under the impression they are different sizes and I will work to confirm whether that is the case.


No. 8 A Long Pause and a Slow Return (12/2/21)

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Maintaining this site has been a lot more work than I anticipated and with uni going full-time, a move in the middle of this year, and the struggles of the pandemic, some things have slipped through the cracks and this is one of them. As I near a break, I am hoping to spend more time here, updating pages and creating more posts.

That being said, I love the messages I have been sent throughout the year asking for help identifying Jellycats, requests for information on certain styles and general advice about care of Jellycats and where to find them. Please email me with questions if you have them. Nothing is more motivating than hearing that you want to see certain Jellycat information up on this site.

Thanks for hanging in there and following the site despite the lack of new material.

Love BunBun and the Jellycat Empire + the hooman.


No. 7 A New Adventure with Kylie (2/15/21)

I am so excited to be starting this new adventure with my best friend, Kylie. Follow her on her instagram @jellycat_smileeykyliiee for to see her collection!

Both of us have a bunch of Jellycats and not enough space so we decided to start our own Instagram to sell from our collections together. Since we keep buying new ones, we are constantly updating our collections and going through them. Both of us are tight on space, and this seemed the best way to go, instead of doing a purge post every week, which neither of us has time to do.

Follow us @jellycatresaleus on Instagram or email us for help finding ISOs at We are super excited to start on this new adventure.

On a side note, updating this database is still on the back burner while uni is in full swing, but I haven’t forgotten it.


No. 6 Updated Catalogue Page – They are Searchable! (2/4/21)

I updated the catalogue page and now all the catalogues are searchable. I’m not sure if you can do that on mobile devices but they work perfectly on the computer! Super quick update but there it is.



No. 5 Giving the Public What They Asked For: A Way to Pay Me?! (1/23/21)

It has come to my attention that a bunch people have asked me if they can support me in this project. It feels strange, but as a full-time student in uni, I am not about to turn down anything! So I created a couple different ways: you can give me a one time payment, or a monthly payment. BunBun and all the bunnies are asking for lots of attention while I do these pages, and the best way to keep them occupied is feeding them carrots.

You can feed them carrots, and I’ll work! You can also choose what you want to pay in there. Thank you so much! If you want me to do research on a specific Jellycat, you can pay me for that too. Pop me a message on my Instagram, @jellycatadventures or on Facebook, Jellycat Adventures and we can discuss what that might entail.

I can’t begin to explain how touched I feel that you want to support this! Thank you so much!


No. 4 Update on Posts, Re-do of Catalogue Page and Questions for the Readers (1/19/21)

After a couple weeks, I am falling into a low in posting volume as I prepare to go back to uni. I am trying to get at least five posts up every day, but to answer some questions I’ve gotten, I want to explain this process so people understand how it goes.

The Process of Making a Post

For every Jellycat, I have to find it in the catalogue, if it exists there, and copy down all the information about it. I then find the stock photo and web address in the archives, if they exist. I create a table for all the information, and reuse tables if I can, so I don’t have to copy and paste every single thing. I add tags and categories, and when it’s posted, link all the posts to all the pertinent pages. If it isn’t a style I have a stock table for, this process can take at least 10-15 minutes per item. Bunnies, which I have a template for, are easier. But they are still time consuming. I don’t have unlimited hours and I am doing this when I wish I was sleeping. Insomnia is not my friend. I am doing my best to get everything done by request, as fast as I can.


In the future, I am going to re-do the catalogue page. I have painstakingly converted every PDF to make them searchable and I intend to make those available. I do not have a date for putting them up at the moment, as it requires uploading new PDFs. I may do them slowly, as I can.

Questions for You

Is there anymore information you would like to see? Anything that is unclear? I’m happy to make up posts for Jellycats you want to see. If you email or message me, I prioritize them and get them done! I really love doing this and helping the community, so thank you for being here!

Love, BunBun and the Jellycat Empire (and the hooman)


No. 3 Messy Organization, Photoshoots and a Fixed Computer (1/15/21)

Hallelujah! The computer is back, repaired and happy and I got on immediately and started posting, starting with the Dozydous to commemorate the completion of that range in my collection. I was super excited to get them together for a group picture but in my haste, I managed to forget.

First try. I actually really like this one.
I had to apologize to the elephant. But they all made it into the pic and the rainbow still looks good.

Okay, so part of the issue with remembering all of these is that I “file” them all differently. I have baskets, boxes, and bins that have different types of Jellycats. One such box holds elephants, while another holds birds of all types, and there is a pile of foxes but also a forest bin…you get the point. If I have enough of one creature, I give them their own space. If I have a bunch of one style, same thing. But do you put Fuddlewuddle Elephant in the Fuddlewuddle bin or the Elephant box? These are the types of things I wonder over and I’m constantly reorganizing. Once I was mad enough to try to separate by color. NEVER AGAIN. So, when I went to get all the Dozydous, I didn’t think to check my elephant box and without the computer handy, I relied on my memory, which is maybe not the best tactic when you only have been sleeping three hours a night, but I was caught up in the moment.

Three redos of the group photo in the Jellycat group I help run, and I was satisfied. And then I thought, “You have the lighting set up, take more photos!” This was all interspersed with my purging and posting of Jellycats that I finally started doing last night. I have gotten so many collections or ranges completed recently but I haven’t taken the time to photograph them. The Dapples finally got completed, and I hadn’t taken a picture of Harry Panda Cubs or Percy Penguins since I got the tinies from Jellycat delivered. I also found Bertie Owlet who managed to hide from me when I was putting my owls together and he got popped in those cubes.

With no computer and an app that seems to not be friendly to me, I had to wait to post about the few pieces of Jellymail that arrived in the no-computer interim. I finally scored a Tweedledee Hedgehog in the regular size! In April 2020, I had emailed Jellycat to find out about the 15″ hedgehog that had arrived in the post. I got back a lovely reply that explained he was authentic and a US exclusive size. I had been ISO for a few years, but hadn’t found one. Ever since then, I have been searching for the smaller one to complete the set. They looked out of place with one big one. A couple spare buns arrived and my pair of Edmundo Elephants off of FB Marketplace, to enlarge my Charmed collection.

Now we can get back to normal, which means posting rapidly before the semester starts.


No. 2 More New Arrivals and a Screeching Halt (1/12/21)

So much for a great start to the project! On Thursday night, my computer screen got an owie. Due to our lockdown, we can’t bring in products for service, even with an appointment. 😬 After some finagling, I managed to get to the step where Apple sends you a box, and the computer goes in for repair. Whoopee! So, for at least a week and a half, I am computer-less. There will be much less posting since I reply on a lot of open windows to do these posts for the database. I can’t even describe how bummed I am.

On the bright side, I have managed to get some things done, like helping cook, and laundry. Maybe I’ll spend this week actually organizing things so I can put my Jellycats out in a nicer way. 😂 Really unlikely, but these are goals.

But on to the new arrivals! I got one Jellycat yesterday and today a flood of packages arrived with Jellycats.

Meet Medium Fuddlewuddle Elephant in Grey, Wumper Elephant, another Large Bashful Lion and a replacement Beau Blossom Bunny. Yesterday’s arrival was Loppy Oatmeal Bunny.

Left to Right: Loppy Oatmeal Bunny, Beau Blossom Bunny, Fuddlewuddle Elephant, Wumper Elephant and Bashful Lion.

Loppy Oatmeal was a FB Marketplace find. They need a good brush, but I love the design. I enjoy holding them like a rabbit—plus is I don’t get kicked!

Fuddlewuddle Elephant was an exciting eBay find. They are from Toronto, Canada and I was thrilled to find them. Somehow I have missed the grey ones before and ever since I went on a mission to get every Fuddlewuddle, it’s good to tick another off the list.

Wumper Elephant came off of Mercari. I don’t have any Wumpers—sold the last one so this was my only one. I’m rather partial to elephants and this one is a doll. I may need to look into getting more.

I got the Bashful Lion because I was unsure about the one I got earlier this week. The sizing wasn’t clear and this one was confirmed large. Welp, now I have two. I’m not sure if both will stay still. Either way, I have a complete set of this design: Small, Medium, Large and Huge.

And then there is Beau Blossom Bunny. This was a hassle. Originally bought for a friend, the store I bought it from sent me a plain beau instead. I got them to search and send me the right one and I returned the other one. But, being the careful person I am, I bought a second Beau Blossom as soon as I saw the mistake in case the store was actually out of the Blossom. Now I can send the original to the friend and the spare is here. I didn’t want to be caught out without one. Better safe than sorry right?

Here’s to at least a week and a half with no computer! I’ll post more Jellycats when I get it back. The app is not friendly to this.


No. 1 New Arrivals to the Empire and an Introduction (1/7/21)

Well, here we are, a few days into this project and I am trying not to be overwhelmed by the volume of Jellycat there are. Some days seem to be better for uploading lots of posts. Yesterday was not one of them. I did manage to add a bunch of pages for different collections and add to lists of different Jellycats, rather half-heartedly.

Today, we got some new members to the Jellycat Empire, and a couple who are staying before they move on to their forever homes.

L to R: Huxtable Hedgehog, Bashful Lion, Strawberry Bunny and Snow Dragon.

The Jellycat Empire is ever-growing, so here are the new arrivals.

We were so excited to get Huxtable Hedgehog, who stole my heart on Poshmark. I was told I don’t need more Jellycats, but he is a pillow and pillows are useful. I have so many justifications for getting more Jellycats, but hey! I don’t feel unhappy about this.

Large Bashful Lion is unsure if he wants to stay here, but he’s jet-lagged and says he will sleep on it for a few days. My pride of lions hopes that he is going to stay.

I managed to snag a Strawberry of indeterminable size off of eBay and immediately thought of my friend, who loves this shade of bun. I am happy to report that Large Bashful Strawberry is going sent to @jellycat_smileeykyliiee and is excited to meet the other Strawberry buns in her new family.

Little Snow Dragon made their journey from the UK and Maison White and can’t wait to meet their mom. I have to say, I love all the dragons and I was so happy to see that they made the Little size of the Snow Dragon. It is gorgeous, and so lush!

The more I type, the more I realize that this is a major procrastination method to ignore the fact that I have a bunch of Jellycat info to type into notes before copying and pasting it into the new posts. So off I go, to boil water for tea to continue my work.