No. 3 Messy Organization, Photoshoots and a Fixed Computer (1/15/21)

Hallelujah! The computer is back, repaired and happy and I got on immediately and started posting, starting with the Dozydous to commemorate the completion of that range in my collection. I was super excited to get them together for a group picture but in my haste, I managed to forget.

First try. I actually really like this one.
I had to apologize to the elephant. But they all made it into the pic and the rainbow still looks good.

Okay, so part of the issue with remembering all of these is that I “file” them all differently. I have baskets, boxes, and bins that have different types of Jellycats. One such box holds elephants, while another holds birds of all types, and there is a pile of foxes but also a forest bin…you get the point. If I have enough of one creature, I give them their own space. If I have a bunch of one style, same thing. But do you put Fuddlewuddle Elephant in the Fuddlewuddle bin or the Elephant box? These are the types of things I wonder over and I’m constantly reorganizing. Once I was mad enough to try to separate by color. NEVER AGAIN. So, when I went to get all the Dozydous, I didn’t think to check my elephant box and without the computer handy, I relied on my memory, which is maybe not the best tactic when you only have been sleeping three hours a night, but I was caught up in the moment.

Three redos of the group photo in the Jellycat group I help run, and I was satisfied. And then I thought, “You have the lighting set up, take more photos!” This was all interspersed with my purging and posting of Jellycats that I finally started doing last night. I have gotten so many collections or ranges completed recently but I haven’t taken the time to photograph them. The Dapples finally got completed, and I hadn’t taken a picture of Harry Panda Cubs or Percy Penguins since I got the tinies from Jellycat delivered. I also found Bertie Owlet who managed to hide from me when I was putting my owls together and he got popped in those cubes.

With no computer and an app that seems to not be friendly to me, I had to wait to post about the few pieces of Jellymail that arrived in the no-computer interim. I finally scored a Tweedledee Hedgehog in the regular size! In April 2020, I had emailed Jellycat to find out about the 15″ hedgehog that had arrived in the post. I got back a lovely reply that explained he was authentic and a US exclusive size. I had been ISO for a few years, but hadn’t found one. Ever since then, I have been searching for the smaller one to complete the set. They looked out of place with one big one. A couple spare buns arrived and my pair of Edmundo Elephants off of FB Marketplace, to enlarge my Charmed collection.

Now we can get back to normal, which means posting rapidly before the semester starts.

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