Miscellaneous Information I have gathered about Jellycats that may help answer some questions.

What do those tags with numbers on the bottom of the Jellycats mean?

These numbers, (ex. JCINC0123, JELLY0123) to quote from an enquiry made to Jellycat are batch codes or “internal tracking numbers that are randomized so we can identify products that people may put out there as counterfeit.” These numbers are not related to the Jellycat style or a particular range and do not have meaning unless you are in the company. (Nov. 2020)

JCINC denotes it was made for the US.

BP denotes it was made for Bonpoint.

JELLY and JE are also used.

What are “hang tag codes” or numbers I see on the Jellycat website right under the stock name of the animal?

These numbers, like BAS3BW, for Bashful Medium Cream Bunny, are the sets of numbers and letters you see on the websites help identify the Jellycats and are also used in the catalogues for ordering.

The tags on the bottom of the Jellycats different are different sizes: are they authentic?

For starters, the smaller Jellycats have silkier tags and the bigger ones have cotton tags. Small and Tiny/Baby have the small silk tags, while any of the bigger ones feature the large cotton ones.

When do new Jellycats get released?

They are released twice a year. [January (main collection) and June/July (mid-year/main addition collection)]

There is a Spring Collection catalogue that is separate from the others; this is released close to the end of the previous year. It shows the new bunnies and other “spring” designs.

There is also a Christmas/Jingle Jingle Collection that usually is available for purchase from September. This catalogue is released in spring or early summer.

Do you have a list of Exclusives?

We are working on it. It isn’t the easiest task. Check the Exclusives page for more information.

How do I clean my fluffy friend?

DISCLAIMER: This is how I clean them. This is advice and I am not liable if something goes wrong when you wash them.

I either use the washing machine and detergent for delicate loads or by hand.

Washing machine tips:

  • delicate cycle
  • cool water
  • NO SOFTENER – this can leave a greasy residue on the fur. Concentrated detergent and warm water can reverse this, but best to not get there in the first place.
  • gentle detergent that is for delicate loads and unscented
  • use a garment bag or pillow case

By hand:

  • Fill tub, bucket or sink with gentle detergent and cool water
  • wash gently

If you use a dryer, put it on low, no heat or fluff setting. You can also hang to dry.

Brush them right after they get out of the washer with a slicker brush (wiry dog brush). Brush again after the Jellycat is dry.

Be warned: Some Jellycats get matted fur that will not become fluffy again if heat is used.