No. 4 Update on Posts, Re-do of Catalogue Page and Questions for the Readers (1/19/21)

After a couple weeks, I am falling into a low in posting volume as I prepare to go back to uni. I am trying to get at least five posts up every day, but to answer some questions I’ve gotten, I want to explain this process so people understand how it goes.

The Process of Making a Post

For every Jellycat, I have to find it in the catalogue, if it exists there, and copy down all the information about it. I then find the stock photo and web address in the archives, if they exist. I create a table for all the information, and reuse tables if I can, so I don’t have to copy and paste every single thing. I add tags and categories, and when it’s posted, link all the posts to all the pertinent pages. If it isn’t a style I have a stock table for, this process can take at least 10-15 minutes per item. Bunnies, which I have a template for, are easier. But they are still time consuming. I don’t have unlimited hours and I am doing this when I wish I was sleeping. Insomnia is not my friend. I am doing my best to get everything done by request, as fast as I can.


In the future, I am going to re-do the catalogue page. I have painstakingly converted every PDF to make them searchable and I intend to make those available. I do not have a date for putting them up at the moment, as it requires uploading new PDFs. I may do them slowly, as I can.

Questions for You

Is there anymore information you would like to see? Anything that is unclear? I’m happy to make up posts for Jellycats you want to see. If you email or message me, I prioritize them and get them done! I really love doing this and helping the community, so thank you for being here!

Love, BunBun and the Jellycat Empire (and the hooman)

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