No. 12 – New Bashful Sizing (6/13/23)

Jellycat is changing their Bashful sizing names. To help with the transition, here are the conversions. 

As stated in the Autumn / Winter 2023 Catalogue for Jellycat: “We have made some changes to our Bashful sizing names. These will come into effect with the launch of our new Autumn Winter 2023 Collection. As these changes are implemented throughout 2023, items will be phased in with the new sizing designation.”

Giant (Previously Really Really Big) 

Sitting Height: 29” 

Full Height: 43” 

Width: 16” 

Depth: 13” 

Really Big (Really Big) 

Sitting Height: 18” 

Full Height: 21” 

Width: 10” 

Depth: 9” 

Big (Previously Huge) 

Sitting Height: 15” 

Full Height: 21 

Width: 8” 

Depth: 6”

Large (Large) 

Sitting Height: 11” 

Full Height: 15” 

Width: 5” 

Depth: 5” 

Original (Previously Medium) 

Sitting Height: 9” 

Full Height: 12” 


Depth: 4” 

Little (Previously Small) 

Sitting Height: 6” 

Full Height: 7” 

Width: 3” 

Depth: 3” 

As of right now, I am not updating every post I have already made. I am keeping them the size they were when they were released. As the sizing changes get released, I will note that on the pages but for now, this is the explanation.

Thank you for reading and enjoy your Jellycats!

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