The Fuddlewuddles were introduced in 2012 and continue to be a staples in the Jellycat ranges.

Fuddlewuddle Bear Cub

Fuddlewuddle Black Kitty

Fuddlewuddle Bunny (Cream)

Fuddlewuddle Bunny (Grey)

Fuddlewuddle Calf

Fuddlewuddle Cat (2020)

Fuddlewuddle Dino

Fuddlewuddle Donkey

Fuddlewuddle Dragon

Fuddlewuddle Elephant (Blue)

Fuddlewuddle Elephant (Grey)

Fuddlewuddle Fox

Fuddlewuddle Fox Cub

Fuddlewuddle Frog

Fuddlewuddle Giraffe (2014)

Fuddlewuddle Giraffe (2016)

Fuddlewuddle Hippo (2017)

Fuddlewuddle Hippo (2021)

Fuddlewuddle Kitty

Fuddlewuddle Lamb

Fuddlewuddle Lion

Fuddlewuddle Monkey

Fuddlewuddle Mouse

Fuddlewuddle Panda (2014)

Fuddlewuddle Panda (2018)

Fuddlewuddle Patch Puppy

Fuddlewuddle Pig

Fuddlewuddle Piglet

Fuddlewuddle Polar Bear

Fuddlewuddle Pony/Foal

Fuddlewuddle Pup

Fuddlewuddle Puppy

Fuddlewuddle Rabbit

Fuddlewuddle Snow Leopard

Fuddlewuddle Tiger

Fuddlewuddle Unicorn

Fuddlewuddle Zebra